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About us

Welcome to INTIMACY4US: the website that celebrates sex, love, life and everything in-between!

Our site is MEANT FOR YOU if you desire an intimate marriage, sound Christian-oriented marital advice or encouragement. Wherever you are on your marital journey- let INTIMACY4US inspire and motivate you to renew your commitment to creating a marriage full of the God-given joys of sex, intimacy and love.

GROW with us

INTIMACY4US aims to make a positive difference in married Christian couple’s lives, and empower you to take control of your sex life. We strive to offer you something that will make a difference to your marriage each and every day through relative, interactive content and a panel of trusted experts. The secret is to take what suits your taste and preferences and to apply it to your marriage… because a better marriage tomorrow starts TODAY!

TALK to us

It is vitally important to us that we receive your input as we often refer to real people’s experiences. As INTIMACY4US deals with a delicate subject, your contribution will remain anonymous. Our blogs and forums represent an online community of like-minded individuals determined to experience all that God has for them in terms of their relationship.

DISCOVER with us

Tell your friends about the site, or send your best friend the link! It is our intention to reach as many people as possible. INTIMACY4US has created a special section for men where he can also learn what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to fun in bed… so whisper ‘’ in his ear tonight.

We hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoyed creating it… and may it lead to hours of pleasure and greater enjoyment in YOUR marriage!