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By this time you have realized with a sigh of relief that you didn’t go blind back then. Hair also didn’t grow on your hands. Still you feel a bit guilty when you eh... help yourself. So, what is the final verdict on masturbation? We will tell you – in short.
Masturbation is self stimulation and most health practitioners say that it’s completely healthy, normal and safe. It’s a natural way for you to get rid of stress when your wife’s not nearby or because of pregnancy complications and for example you are unable to have sex.

  • At first sight masturbation is not bad, no matter what you’ve heard. We carry enough baggage around that we don’t have to feel guilty about this as well, so get rid of your guilty feelings!
  • Masturbation is healthy for both men and women. It allows you to experiment with what makes you feel good and allows you to feel more in control of your sexuality.
  • When masturbation starts to interfere with your life and becomes an addiction, you should then become concerned. Get help from a counsellor or friend that you trust.
  • When it feels that you can’t survive without it (and you feel you have to do it at least once a day), then you must start worrying about addiction. Just like any other addiction, it’s bad for your health. Keep yourself busy with an activity like a sport or hobby.
  • Some teenagers can masturbate daily without it becoming an addiction – it’s merely crazy hormones!
  • Sperm cells are continually manufactured and replaced – whether you masturbate or not. It will not cause you to produce more and it also won’t get depleted.
  • Masturbation can assist with insomnia! It also releases the feel good hormones; it can help to prevent depression.
  • Research has shown that regular masturbation can help to prevent prostate cancer.
  • Masturbation can also help to improve your sex life with your partner. If you know what makes you feel good you can gently “teach” her what your body wants.
  • When you use pornography to masturbate, it gets dangerous. Pornography can hinder intimacy with your wife and cause you to subconsciously see her as an object and cause you to have unrealistic expectations of her.
  • Fantasies walk hand in hand with masturbation. To however fantasize about another woman while you masturbate and to desire her, is being sexually unfaithful in your thoughts. In her book ‘Just for women’ writes Shaunti Feldhahn, that if a thought has entered a man’s thoughts, he can nurture the thought and then maybe cause a flood of thoughts to grow or he can ban the thought and take every thought captive, as the Bible states in 2 Corinthians.  You can fantasize but make sure it’s about your wife!

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