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The A – Z of proper quickies

It’s easy to make time for a quickie, you don’t have to use a lot of imagination and it leaves a smile on your face for the rest of the day... no wonder they are so popular! If things are getting a bit dull in the bedroom, this is a good way to bring some excitement back in. Intimacy4Us gives you a quick ABC of quickies.


  1. The ALMOST caught out feeling is created through the release of Adrenaline. A quick moment in an area where you are not supposed to be, it guarantees the blood pumping faster.
  2. BE discreet by being on his lap, especially when you have a dress on. It gives you control of the movements and you can choose how quick you would like to have your quickie. If you do it in a daring spot, this will give you a chance to jump up quickly should the need arise.
  3. CUNNILINGUS – A large word for what hubby can do to you with his tongue!
  4. DO it now – Don’t waste time. If you get time for a quickie, then use every second wisely.
  5. EROTIC kissing precedes everything else!
  6. Make it FANTASTIC. When you go out, whisper into his ear that you are not wearing any underwear. You may even be fulfilling one of his other fantasies!
  7. GOLDEN moments stolen when the kids are watching television are ideal to slip away. This will work in the laundry, pantry or even the garage!
  8. A sneaky HAND that creeps closer will make him sit up right. Open his zip slowly and teasingly and you can be assured that the answer will be, “Yes, please”. Try this: turn your hands in opposite directions when you are moving up and down around his penis, increase your tempos gradually till you make him gasp for breath. Move slowly again and increase your speed gradually. Keep on with this until he cannot hold it back anymore!
  9. Be IMPULSIVE and do it at the spur of the moment. Hubby will look at you with new eyes and keep on wondering what’s going to happen next.
  10. JUST say yes! Be open to try something new. Even when you are feeling tired or have a lot to do, say yes when hubby suggests a quickie. A few minutes of your time are not going to help you catch up on work or sleep, but can do much for your relationship.
  11. KIDNAP hubby and sneak him into a dressing room in a shop. Try to get one with a door and not a curtain. You can maybe even convince him that you need some new clothes too.
  12. Remember life is a song... LAUGH together and feel young again. Remember how silly you were when you were just married? Relive those times!
  13. Take his breath away: Combine MOUTH and MOTORCAR, but rather not while he’s driving! Start teasing him when you are nearly at your destination and you will see how fast he begins to drive. Keep your promise when you get there – even if it‘s only in the garage.
  14. Pretend to be Adam and Eve and do it in NATURE. On a trail, outside in the garden or on the beach...
  15. OPEN the day, quickly before the rest of the family wakes up and put a hop in your step for the rest of the day.
  16. A quickie is all about PASSION. Little talk, lots of action.
  17. Put the QUICK in quickie!
  18. Stand up RIGHT, and throw one or both your legs around your man. If you have a dress on, you are ready for action!
  20. Surprise hubby by being a TIGER instead of his usual housecat.
  21. Be UNREASONABLE and phone or sms him to tell him he has only so much time to get home because you are waiting for him in a sexy little number.
  22. Create VARIETY by surprising him in the shower. Few things are as sensual as hot water and soapy hands!
  23. On top of the WASHING machine for extra movement!
  24. Be the XPERT and show him how!
  25. Show him that you YEARN for him by waiting for him naked as he arrives home from work and enjoy some quick sex before the rest of the evening even starts.
  26. Ensure that all the ZIPS and buttons are closed before you go back into the public! Messed up hair are often clear indicators that you were busy with other things!

A few winning positions:

  • Let hubby stand behind you and hold you around your hips while you bend over forwards.
  • Let him pick you up with your back to the wall and put you down onto his penis. You are going to need stamina for this one – keep it short!
  • Let him sit on a sturdy chair and go and sit on his lap. You can look forwards or turn around and look at him with your legs around his body.
  • Don’t think that sex is meant for the bedroom only! The following places can be just as exciting: in the car, at the office, on the table, on the edge of the basin with your legs around him, in the shower and in the swimming pool.