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Sit up for sit-down sex...

If your New Year’s resolutions only lasted until the second of January (you know what we’re talking about… less chocolate, gym every day, wake up earlier...) you probably feel like we do – somewhat discouraged. What about attempting a New Year’s resolution with a difference? Resolve to master each of these positions before the end of the year. It isn’t impossible... unusual yes... but definitely achievable. All that you’ll need is hubby, lubricant and a sturdy chair!

Balance and geometry!
If there is a position which we wouldn’t mind being filmed in, it is this one! It looks sexy and flattering, and feels fantastic... but before you drag hubby to the study, make sure you have a sturdy chair, a stable self-image and a degree of suppleness. Place the chair against the wall (not one with wheels!). You need to stand on the chair with your face towards the wall. He should stand behind you, and you should slowly slide down against his body, so that your legs form a 90 angle and he can penetrate you from behind. The bed can also be used for this position, as long as you don’t have satin sheets! Your feet need to be placed quite firmly. Tip your bottom slightly upwards and lean with your shoulders against his chest. He can support you with his hands, if necessary. If he keeps slipping out, spread your legs wider and tip your buttocks ever higher upwards. It may sound impractical, but if you are supple and he is strong, it can bring you both a wonderful amount of pleasure. Try it!

In the eyes...
Ask your husband to sit on a sturdy chair with his back against the backrest. Sit on top of him with your face towards him. Pick both of your legs up slowly and place them on either side of his shoulders. If he loves it when you give him a lap dance, and likes to look without touching, this will be the position of the year for him! He will have an unbeatable view while you squeeze your thighs together to increase the pressure on his penis. (This is great for a man who needs additional friction in order to achieve enough stimulation to climax.) For hubby, this will be a late Christmas present, but because he isn’t in a position where he can stimulate your clitoris with his hands, a bit of for– or after-play is necessary so that you can also have fun!

Chairless sit-down sex
Hubby needs to lie on his back in the well-known ‘cycling’ exercise position (his shoulders on the floor and his hips and buttocks in the air, with his weight on his elbows and his hands which keep his hips in the air). Stand with your back towards him and ‘sit down’ onto his penis by sitting on his buttocks and upper legs. His feet should rest against your back while you place your hands on the back of his thighs for support. This is an unusual position. His penis will need to bend a little backwards through his legs, which means it works best when he has a semi-erection. He may not be mad about this position, but if he’s received the afore-mentioned gift – and you want something in return – this is perfect! You are in the driving seat, and can control reaching orgasm by the depth and speed of penetration you allow.