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Get hot and heavy with hubby!

Secretive, sexy and oh so seductive! Start an affair with your own husband!

How do you start an affair with your own husband? Isn’t it . . . uhm . . .  contradictory? Never! You can be your husband’s wife and mistress and still fall in love with each other all over again. Breathe some adventure into your marriage! Here is how you do it:

Naughty SMS’s: Send your husband an sms during the course of the day at work and tell him how hot he is and how you cannot wait to see him tonight. Tell him what underwear you have on (or not) and what you will do to him when you see him again.

Hidden messages: Write a message on a piece of paper and hide it in your husband’s clothes. You can write anything from how much you love him to a naughty joke. Or leave him a lipstick-kiss on a tissue. Phone him during the day and tell him where you have hidden his messages.

Secret meetings: Arrange to meet each other at a secret place and don’t tell anyone where you are going. Remember, you may not drive together, otherwise your “other halves” may become suspicious.

Role-play: Do you know what your husband’s fantasies are? Does he like certain actresses or musicians? Does he think you look stunning as a blonde? Purchase a wig and an appropriate outfit. You can wear it during sex or even when you secretly meet him.

Sex outside of the home: Leave the boring four walls of your bedroom behind and go search for other pastures. Have sex in a hotel room, in the garden, in a movie theatre, in an elevator, in your vehicle or in a park. In this manner you can be as adventurous as you want.

Surprise visits: Phone hubby an hour before lunchtime and tell him that you want to meet for lunch. You can even unexpectedly pop-in at his work during the day just to say hello – provided that it is permittable.

Flirt in public: Remember when you both just met and you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? You didn’t care if most people saw you steal a kiss or give each other hugs. DO it again! Openly admire your husband – it will make him feel like an alpha male and increase his libido dramatically.

Sexy photos: Take a sexy photo of yourself and hide it away in your hubby’s purse. He must immediately be able to see it when he opens his wallet. Or take a sexy photo of yourself using your cell phone and send it to hubby while he is at the office. Just ensure that you don’t accidentally send the photo to your mother in law!

Send small gifts: Your hubby may not appreciate a bunch of flowers, so think about a packet of biltong or maybe chocolate. Have the gift delivered at home or even at hubby’s office with the message: “From your secret admirer.” Do it about once every two weeks to build-up anticipation.

“You are cute” emails: Makes lists of all your partner’s good characteristics, why you love him and why you appreciate him. What did he do or say that made you blush? Be creative and come up with a few cute ideas. Every now and then send him one of the lists via email.

Balloon messages: Buy a balloon with a message such as, “You are wonderful;” on it. Tie it to the bed’s headpiece or the pedestal’s foot while your hubby is sleeping. Place it in such a manner that it is the first thing he sees the following morning when he wakes-up.

Take one for the team: What is hubby’s favourite sport? You probably never watch it with him. But his mistress will! Search for an old recording of a rugby-match in which one of your hubby’s favourite team’s play. Or wait until a new game is broadcast on television. Get dressed-up like one of the team’s supporters, paint both your and hubby’s face and shout and cheer together.

Take him there: Is there a special place where your hubby likes to go? A certain restaurant? The zoo? Loftus? Surprise him by taking him there! Make a road trip of it and listen to hubby’s favourite music all the way there just as an added treat.

Take a leap of faith: Is there something new that your partner has been wanting to do for quite some time now, but you were never game for it? A new sex position? Eating jellybeans on toast? It doesn’t matter how silly or risky it is, rather do it with your partner.