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From bland to boudoir!

As you walk into your bedroom you can feel the blood rushing to your cheeks and your heart rate increases. Not because your foot just got caught in hubby’s underwear lying on the floor, but because your bedroom makes your hormones do summersaults!

Or is that the last feeling you’d expect to feel when you walk into your bedroom? If your bedroom is rather bland than boudoir, no problem! In nine easy steps you can turn a boring room into a steaming love nest.

Step 1: Get rid of it all

Move everything out of the room. Get rid of things that are old, broken or ugly. There’s no space for the television, ironing board or the laundry bin. Nothing in the room should remind you of work or stress.

Step 2: Choose a theme

What kind of places do you find erotic? A tropical island, a hotel room or a cottage in the mountains? What is it about these specific places that you find so romantic? Try to incorporate elements of it into your bedroom. It could be as simple as tropical plants or as expensive as a Persian carpet. Browse the Internet for inspiration and use the ideas to plan your colour theme and accessories.

Step 3: Replace your bed

Your bed doesn’t have to spin around or be in the shape of a heart, but it has to bounce properly. The older the bed, the less firm it will become. It can place a damper on your sex life if your bum or hubby’s knees are constantly getting lost in the mattress – not to mention the springs that push into your ribs sometimes. Follow Goldilocks’ advice and don’t choose a bed that’s too hard or too soft – look for one that’s just right (firm enough).

Step 4: Make your walls pretty

Besides the ceiling, the walls are one of the areas in the room that catches your eye the most often. Go ahead and paint the walls a soft, warm colour or something bright and cheerful. It’s about your taste and whatever you find to be a turn-on. One thing you should definitely do is to get rid of the family photos against the walls. No one wants to look up during sex only to see granddad looking at you over his glasses while staring at your shenanigans! Rather hang pictures or photos up against the wall suited to your theme.

Step 5: Put the right subject in the spotlight

With the right lighting you can turn a room into something unbelievable. Get a bed lamp for each of you and place pretty candles on strategic places within the room. Install a light switch so that you can adjust the lighting as you please. Tip: Avoid white lights and rather opt for yellow lightbulbs – it’s softer and more romantic (just like the lighting of a fireplace) and also helps to hide our imperfections.

Step 6: Reflect the love

Mirrors don’t just belong in the bedroom, they belong in the bedroom. And more than one of them. Forget about one against the ceiling – everyone will know why it’s there. But no one would wonder why there are two full length mirrors on opposite sides of the room. You can even place several smaller mirrors behind your candles to give the room a sexy reflection.

Step 7: Choose sexy fabric for your bed

Fabric should be soft against your skin. Your pillows, duvet, sheets and other accessories should invite you to touch it. Use more than one kind of fabric for different effects. Get scatter cushions and comforters with different textures like satin, faux fur, silk and cashmere. Use it to tickle one another, to roll in it, to play smack one another or to prop yourself up against during certain sex positions.

Step 8: Rhythm for your romance

As you might very well know, the right song can get your body moving and make you feel “Oh so sexy”. You can enjoy it in more than one way. Make use of a radio or laptop in your room with a playlist of sexy songs. Use the music in the background to get you in the mood, to give hubby a strip show or to silence the sounds of your passion.

Step 9: Innocent items with a specific role

A chair, coat hanger, fan and heater are items you’ll find in any bedroom. What you do with it is what’s important. Use the chair if you want to try an interesting sex position. The heater will keep the cold at bay during the winter, while the fan can melt ice cubes on your bodies in the summer. Use the coat hanger as a secret ‘post box’ – if your lingerie is hanging there tonight, it means hubby can expect to be spoilt tomorrow night!”