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Sex moves for every mood!

There are days where you feel like you can conquer the world – and days where you just want to crawl into a hole and never come out. There are days where your dress fits perfectly – and days when you hair just wants to fall flat and cling to your head. Since women are a unique species who experience an abundance of moods at the drop of a hat, we decided to carry out an investigation into sex moves that suit each one of the following moods. Here are four!

1. When you feel . . . naughty!

As much as you have days where you are completely frustrated (as in point 2), you also get days where you feel like you can teach Rihanna and Shakira a thing or two when it comes to strutting your stuff like a roaring prowess – seductive, confident and powerful . . . and yes, a little, or very naughty too!

DO THIS: Initiate sex. Start by play wrestling with hubby and seductively press your body against his. When you are both ready for more, have him sit on a chair and place yourself on his lap with your legs astride him. Start by letting the tip of his penis penetrate you and then lower yourself slowly until you sit on top of his lap. Now you can give him a lap dance – just be very careful to not injure his most precious possession in the process.

2. When you feel . . . frustrated
It’s just one of those days when someone at work caused a spike in your blood pressure, but you had to bite your tongue. You are angry and super frustrated.

DO THIS: Join hubby in the shower. Turn to him, hold him and wrap one leg around his waist, now be creative! Press your nails into his back and nibble on his neck . . . moderation is key here – remember, you are not angry with him.

3. When you feel . . . pretty
You have beautiful glossy hair today and your skin is in pristine condition. You don’t want to miss this chance to show hubby just how lucky he is to have you as his wife . . .

DO THIS: Have him lie on his back and sit on top of him “woman on top style”. Lean back (not too far) so that your elbows are behind you. In this manner you give him an undisturbed view of your tummy, hips and breasts which makes everything look simply stunning in this position.

4. When you feel . . . brave
Things are going well at work, in your life and your relationships, and you have achieved your goal weight. You feel like iron woman and for those who say that simultaneous orgasms are a challenge, have clearly not met you yet . . .

DO THIS: Tonight number 69 is on the menu. Lie on your sides and take your time.

There you have it. Obviously the fairer sex have more than just four moods, but these should inspire you into action for the next 290!