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Baby in, play time out? - Part 1

Your tummy grows like a bun in the oven and you can’t help but wonder if you should rather be knitting baby booties than thinking about sex. Relax, here is what you have to know.

Sex during pregnancy is safe. Just don’t hang on the chandeliers or anything like that. Take it easy. The baby won’t even know what mommy and daddy are up to.

However, sex is taboo if you do not have a normal pregnancy. If there are complications, a history of miscarriages, or a placenta related problem, you should rather see your doctor. Also find out if you should just abstain from penetration or orgasms as well.

The first (and sometimes the third) trimester will be a trying time for sex, because your body uses all your resources to create the new life in you. You will probably feel tired and full of aches and pains and you will also be worrying about the changes in your body, the birth process, the baby’s room, your finances and so forth. It is okay to then take hold of the knitting needle.

The second trimester is your babymoon. If are up for sex (it will completely depend on you) you can “oh baby, yeah!” between the sheets as if it’s your second honeymoon.

The increased flow of blood to you pelvis causes your genitalia to enlarge slightly and thus it is more sensitive to touch. Your vagina is also more moist which can only make the natural slip-and-slide action better.

Some women experience multi-orgasms for the first time in their lives and describe it as the best sex ever. Others describe pregnancy sex as painful and uncomfortable and they would rather not do it again.

Your breasts will be more sensitive. How you experience the stimulation of them will differ from woman to woman. One might not want to be touched anywhere near her breasts, while for another it is an instant turn-on.

The best sex positions during pregnancy sex are:
• You on top and hubby under you. It keeps the weight off your tummy and lets you determine the depth of penetration. It gives hubby a smouldering view of your new, larger breasts.
• On all fours. Once again it keeps the weight off your tummy and it gives hubby a chance to appreciate your voluptuous figure from behind. You can place pillows beneath you for extra support.
• Lie down on the foot-end of your bed with a pillow beneath your bum and your knees pulled up while hubby stands in front of you. It is also a sexy position for oral sex.
• Spooning has never been this enjoyable. You and hubby lie on your sides with your faces in the same direction while hubby penetrates your from behind.
• Reverse cowgirl keeps your bump out of the way and your back is between you and hubby. He can sit on a chair or lie down on his back – vary between the two for fun.
• Play policeman. This position is thusly named because you are in the same position as when a policeman frisks you. You stand in front of a wall with your legs spread, hands against the wall and hubby behind you. To make it more comfortable you can lean forward and rest against the wall with your forearms and head. If your baby bump allows it can put your one foot on an object to ease penetration.

To be continued...