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Baby in, play time out? - Part 2

Did you know that you are more flexible now? Even if you weren’t before your pregnancy you will find that your joints now allow you to try out interesting sex positions. This happens because during pregnancy (in preparation for the birth process) your body releases hormones that loosens up your body parts and helps you to stretch.

Cramps during and after sex / an orgasm is normal, as well as a bit of bleeding. If the cramps do not go away after a couple of minutes or if you experience pain and heavy bleeding, contact your doctor immediately.

Your sense of smell is almost like that of a bloodhound. It is not just the smell of food that can be disagreeable to you, but also the smell of your husband. If personal hygiene has always been an issue for you it will be even more so now. Warn hubby that about your sensitive sense of smell before he comes looking for intimacy.

Sex during week 29-36 does not increase your chances of a premature birth. Women that are sexually active late in their pregnancy have a smaller chance of giving birth before 37 weeks than women that avoid sex.

Oral sex is safe if your husband doesn’t blow in your vagina. Although the chances are small it can cause an air bubble in your blood circulation that can be dangerous for you and the baby.

Men find their pregnant wives irresistible because their curves are accentuated and they get the so-called pregnancy glow.

Your hormones are going to cause a storm-in-a-tea-cup. Do not be surprised if you want to bite his head off the one moment and in the next moment you want to dig your stirrups into him and shout hee-haa till the sun comes up.

There is no way that your husband’s penis can reach your baby. The baby is protected by a mucous plug as well as an amniotic bag and your uterine muscles. It protects your baby against infections. Personal lubrication can also not migrate to your womb and cannot affect the baby.

Sex has an interesting effect on babies in the womb. Some lie completely still after sex – probably because the movement rocked them to sleep. Others will rock and roll in the womb as if they are doing exercise. Both reactions are completely normal and nothing to worry about – your baby just thinks he is out for a joy ride.

You have more sexual freedom at the moment – use it while you can. Couples often find that they are more relaxed during pregnancy because the fear of an unplanned pregnancy (or the pressure to become pregnant) is over.

Your breasts can leak during sex – this can start happening in the second trimester. It is completely normal and nothing to be worried about. Make sure hubby is also aware of this or else he might get a huge fright.

Deep penetration is often very uncomfortable for the woman. Try oral sex or simultaneous masturbation if penetration is impossible. Or just enjoy a nice cuddle?

Pregnancy sex has health benefits:
• Burns calories: Sex is the most enjoyable way to stay fit. You burn 50 calories or more in 30 minutes of sex.
• Lowers your blood pressure: A good thing for moms as high blood pressure is not a good thing during your pregnancy.
• Less pain: Orgasms releases oxytocin (the “love hormone”). Studies have shown that it can increase your pain tolerance with 74%.
• You sleep better: Sex can help mommy and baby to sleep better.
• Strengthens your immunity: A study has found that sex can increase he levels of IgA, an antibody that helps prevents colds and other infections.
• It makes you happier: Orgasms release endorphins that make both you and baby happier.
• Increases intimacy: Dads will sometimes feel as if the baby will take their place in his wife’s life – especially if it is a first child. Remember that everyone (including you) is so focused on the life growing inside you that he is moved to the background. Sex and intimacy during pregnancy is a wonderful way to show hubby that you still love him the same and that he had nothing to worry about.
• You get a free massage: Be smart and ask hubby to massage your body as part of foreplay – you kill two birds with one stone.

Women sometimes find that they have to initiate sex more often as before the pregnancy. This is often because your husband is afraid he might hurt you or the baby. Put hubby at ease – he can read this article.

Sexual diseases like herpes, genital warts and Chlamydia can be passed on to your baby. If you suspect that you might have a sexual disease, stop having sex immediately and your doctor.

A frequently asked question is how soon after the birth can they resume their sex life. Medical experts suggest that you wait at least seven weeks so you can complete the first postnatal examination, but it will depend on you. Depending on the method of birth either you vagina or your tummy will have an injury. Not to even mention how exhausted you both will be for the first while. Do not pressure yourself to re-establish your sex life immediately – you will know when you are ready for it again. It will possibly also be easier to start with oral sex before you move on to penetration.

Communication with you husband is very important. Remember your body and emotion are playing see-saw with you and the foreplay or position you might have liked before might not be so interesting any more. If hubby does something that gets you fuming, try approaching it calmly – and hide the rolling pin to start with.

If you are concerned about any aspect of sex during or after your pregnancy, talk to you gynaecologist.