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10 EXTRA ideas for your sexy bucket list

The idea with a sexy bucket list is that you compose your own bucket list, but here are 10 ideas that will give you some inspiration

1. We want to have sex in our old bedrooms. It might feel a bit strange but that is part of the thrill. To have sex at the place you associate with innocence. To do this while your parents are in the house makes it even more exciting.
2. We want to make our own sex video. All you need is your smartphone. What is nice about this challenge is that you have to trust your spouse 100%. If you are afraid it ends up in the wrong hands, look at it together and then delete the file completely.
3. We want to use blindfolds. The use of blindfolds is a wonderful way to add a bit of zest to your sex life. It is very exciting not to know where you will be touched next. Take turns with the blindfold.
4. We want to each off each other’s bodies. Do you remember Samantha in Sex and the City that prepared her body as a sushi platter? Fantastic idea, ‘Nuf said.
5. We want to ‘christen’ every room in the house. Yup, if you move into a new house you can truly inaugurate it by having sex in every room. It is a wonderful way to make a heap of new memories that no-one else will know about. And if Mrs Williams leans against the buffet you and hubby won’t be able to keep from laughing.
6. We want to master number 69. This isn’t all that easy and not very feminine (if you have hangs ups about hubby’s view on your rear view, you are going to struggle), but it is something every couple should master (or at least try). For those that do not know – it’s simultaneous oral sex.
7. We want to have sex on a desk. And where is a better place than hubby’s office? Just be sure the no-one else is working late and the security cameras are off.
8. We want to have sex on the washing machine. Hmmm, this is all about the vibrations. We don’t have to say much more . . .
9. We want to have cyber-sex. What can begin as (kind of) innocent foreplay can quickly turn into steaming hot sex if you and hubby start sending sexy emails. The nice thing is that there is no eye contact that can make one far more daring than usual.
10. We want to have sex in a lift. It is probably viewed as the ultimate quickie. If you have enough guts start with oral sex.

Extra bucket list items for mom and dad:
1. Sex in the car (because you cannot do it anywhere else).
2. An orgasm while the kids are hammering on the door.
3. Silent sex in the hotel room while the kids are sleeping.
4. A quickie in the closet while the kids are running around in the house.
5. A half-asleep quickie before baby wakes up for the next bottle.

Be bold, be daring, your marriage matters.

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Article by Annelize Steyn