7 sexy plans – must use items!

If you’re not yet convinced of the fact that oral sex is a good idea a shopping spree at Matildas.co.za might be just what you need to change your mind. Use these hints and judge oral sex anew.

1. Lick your lips. . . Lip gloss makes a person feel sexy. A strawberry flavoured product like the one from Exsens gives additional flavour and sensation to oral sex. It provides intense sensations that change between cool and warm and will give your partner goose bumps! It’s not sticky and is sugar and colour free.
2. Make it flavoursome. With Durex’s flavoured condoms (there is 12 in a pack) your sex life can sound like a fruit basket! Choose what you are in the mood for: Banana, strawberry, orange and mint. If you incorporate these condoms, you won’t think twice about how enjoyable oral sex can be.
3. Yummy lubricants. If you haven’t discovered the value of lubricants yet it’s time you do so, today! It’s ideal for a quickie as well as for marathon sex. Use flavoured lubricants for oral sex and you will not just benefit from the lubricant but also add culinary enjoyment to oral sex. Choose from flavours like cherry, apple and tropical fruits.
4. Play Picasso. Make your hubby’s . . .uhm. . . a chocolate masterpiece! Use chocolate body paint and write naughty poems, draw heart and create graffiti on his penis. You partner will not just enjoy the sensation of the painting – you will it enjoy it even more to lick it all off again.
5. Ever heard of a cock ring? Malesation is a set of 3 cock rings that hubby can slip onto Junior for additional enjoyment! It’s made from stretchable, soft material and each has a unique design. Because the rings (2.5 cm in diameter) can stretch, it can easily slip on and off. The unique style of each ring provides curves and edges that make sex very interesting! When it comes to oral sex, nibble and turn the cock ring with your teeth for a unexpected element for him. . . and you!
6. Wriggly fingers. When oral sex is the subject it’s important not to forget to use all your weapons. The Spunky Bunny is a small finger vibrator that you can wear on you hand. Although it is small you should not underestimate the power of this instrument. With a touch of a button you can both get more than you bargained for. The finger vibrator has 5 settings and is made from a luxury medical grade silicone. Charge it with a USB charger and receive two hours enjoyment in one go. The bunny’s ears and head is waterproof. Hubby can use it on her breasts and clitoris and she can use it on the twins during oral sex.
7. Sexy preparation. Do you feel a bit boring? Get a set of Matildas’ sexy underwear and only you will know (and of course hubby when you whisper it in his ear or during date night when you get rid of them and put them in his pocket!) The Imagine black lace panties, Touch Me soft lace panties, Tie Up ribbon and lace panties and the Night Open Back lace panties are just some of the sexy underwear you can choose from. There are also unique designs perfect for oral sex!

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Remember that sex toys can be a wonderful accompaniment to many couples’ sex lives while others might not like it or simply feel they do not need it. The use of sex toys in your marriage is a personal choice that you and your partner should make together.