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12 causes of a sexless marriage

A sexless union may come about for many reasons, including a combination of any of the following. It could be that:

  1.     A couple never had a lot of sex to begin with;
  2.     A specific event led to no sex, e.g. the birth of a child or an affair;
  3.     Lovers are just plain bored with each other or their lovemaking;
  4.     Lovers are juggling too much between family, career, and other life demands;
  5.     One or both are plagued with low sex drive due to physiological, mental, or relational factors;
  6.     Lovers are taking each other for granted, are apathetic, and not making sexual intimacy a priority, especially when consumed with their own career or schooling;
  7.     Sex other than for procreation is seen as wrong and hence guilt-provoking;
  8.     A partner is uncomfortable with sex or his/her body and/or sexual skills;
  9.     The partner interested in sex fears hurt or rejection after having been turned down – and many times at that;
  10.     One partner views sex as a bargaining tool and reserves it for just that; and
  11.     Partners are unhappy with each other and staying together because they are expected to or because they have kids.

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