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Marriage Issues

There are certain marriage issues that every married couple is sure to face with. These issues will resurface from time to time and if not dealt with immediately, will produce frictions and endless arguments between the couple. Below are among the top issues that married couples have to contend with.

#1: Lack of sex
Sex is one of the most important aspects in a marriage. Keeping the sex alive is one way to ensure that both partners stay faithful. This is an issue that requires action as talking alone will not solve this problem. Both partners must mutually agree and compromise on what is the best solution as a sexless marriage may not be agreeable to one partner. Keep in mind that a marriage is about having physical intimacy, love and affection between two people.

#2: Money
Financial problem is a big issue and affects almost all marriages. Address whatever money problems that exist as that is the only way to tackle the issue. Ignoring or refusal to take action will only strain the relationship more. Discuss issues like setting up a budget, settling debts, saving for retirement, etc.

#3: Cheating or infidelity
Who is to blame? Both partners are to be blamed if there is a case of infidelity. As with the other issues, neglect can cause problems in a relationship. However, cheating can happen unexpectedly even in a supposedly good relationship. A person has an affair for various reasons. For example, looking for excitement, having feelings of anger, feeling trapped, due to career pressures or financial pressures, etc.

#4: In-laws
Your in-laws can be supportive but they can also affect your marriage relationship. Since they are the in-laws, show the proper respect and avoid criticizing them. Both partners should agree on the proper boundaries concerning the in-laws as the marriage comes first.

Married couples have to deal with the above marriage issues successfully or else the relationship will have unresolved problems. These problems will impact on the marriage sooner or later.

By Amy Sipagal
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