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3 Things You Can Do Now To Fix Your Struggling Marriage

Pray together.

If your marriage is troubled, by conflict, or you have other problems, and if someone gives you Christian marriage advice, that person will suggest that you set aside time to pray together. You can pray in the morning, or whenever is best for you. This is good marital counsel, because when you pray, you ask God to forgive you of your sins, and you also ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit and guide and direct you according to His will.

Pray for one another.

Another piece of Christian marriage advice, is to pray for each other, not only when you pray together, but in your individual prayers as well. This Christian marriage advice also holds true for those who are in a strong loving marriage relationship.

Take the time to read the Bible together.

Another piece of marital counsel, is to set aside time to read your bible together each and every day, or if not every day, then several times a week. In the Bible, you will find not only Christian marriage advice, but you will also find teachings in other areas as well that will draw you closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

For more Christian marriage advice, you can also read from devotional books as well as the Bible. Not only will prayer, and finding marital counsel from your bible and devotional books help bring you closer to God, but this time set aside for prayer and study will bring you closer together.

By Morgan Richman
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