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3 Simple Tips Of Rekindling Marital Intimacy

There are 3 unbelievably simple ways of rekindling marital intimacy that helped save my marriage after an emotional affair. Emotional affairs usually happen in a relationship where a party is being neglected by the other. This can be due to busy schedule at work or other commitments outside the relationship. And because of this, the neglected party might receive more attention from another person and that is where the emotional affair starts. This can result in the cheater being more distant in the marriage. So let me share with you 3 unbelievably simple ways of rekindling marital intimacy.

Unbelievably Simple Tip #1: Communication

The root cause of the emotional affair is the lack of communication between you and your spouse because both of you did not feel comfortable to share and find out your needs and wants from each other. This uncomfortable feeling could be caused by past experiences of feeling invalidated by your partner.

The key to good communication is a one way dialogue. When one person speaks the other one listens. Do not interrupt the speaker when he or she is speaking. Only when he or she is done, the other person can start speaking. This way, both of you will feel that you are able to express your thoughts and feelings without being invalidated even before you finish and you are more inclined to speak up.

Another method to help good communication is to set ground rules before starting the conversation. Some examples are:

  • setting the time limit for each person to speak
  • taking a time out when the conversation gets too heated up

Remember, poor communication is the main reason behind the emotional infidelity. Work on it to get your marriage back on track.

Unbelievably Simple Tip #2: Showing care and concern to each other

This might be the most fundamental way to show that you love your partner - and ultimately prevents your marriage from emotional infidelity. However, people tend to overlook it because they took happiness in their marriage for granted.

Constantly showing that you care and are concerned about your partner makes your partner feel wanted and loved by you. Constantly ignoring this need of your partner makes him or her feel neglected. If you are not sure on how you can show care and concern to your spouse, here is one way you can do it:

Send a 'caring text message' when he or she is at work. 'Hello John/Jane, hope you are having a good day at work. I love you.'

Notice how short and simple this message is? The key is to let him or her know that you care. Avoid asking questions like 'where are you now? What are you doing?' because you might be mistaken that you are checking up on them while they are at work.

Unbelievably simple Tip #3: Do things together

This is the final touch to rekindle the marital intimacy between you and your spouse. After solving your issues on communication and showing that you care for one another, start doing activities with each other. When you are doing this, remember to make use of tip #1. Do activities that both of you are enthusiastic about. Discuss your plans and work out how you can make the activities fun and enjoyable for each other.

Slowly but steadily work your way to save your marriage after an emotional affair by using these 3 unbelievably simple tips of rekindling marital intimacy.

By Rachel Mattin

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