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Keep your marriage healthy!

A marriage is undoubtedly not self-evident. Being open to each other as well as being interested in the love you share is essential. Compliments, gratefulness and showing understanding to each other are aspects which are certainly necessary in such a relationship. Being able to keep each other’s feelings in mind is part of a marriage as well. It remains essential for the two individuals involved in the relationship to express their loyalty to each other, this is one of the most important factors in a good marriage. This can also be linked to children as it is very important for them to feel the love between their parents.

It is important to be affectionate with each other by showing and reflecting love in a resourceful way, in this way the purity in marriages will be kept alive. Spend a few minutes per day by thinking of ways on how you can create a gesture of affection and sensitivity. Doing this reflects the love you feel for each other. Feed the mutual attraction, find the appropriate time to be together, have an intimate chat and relax together, these are ways in which relationships can grow and become stronger.

The true love grows by affirming your love for each other. In order to avoid being confronted with uneasy situations that might cause problems in your relations, try to avoid uncomfortable situations from the opposite sex in your work environment, during your studies, travel and so on. The fact that you are married means that you shouldn’t be underestimating the implications of intimacy with a person of the opposite sex.  Completely distancing yourself from the other sex is not necessary, but you have to know your limits. Equally, creating situations where personal information is shared can create the development of bonds, which at times may be difficult to escape from. It is not good to search for understanding via other people which you will not find by your own husband. This however could also create a situation that is tempting so one has to be mindful of that.

In our daily lives one has to be mindful of all the external factors that could show rise to temptations, such as that which we come across on the internet and on television.  Instead of falling prey to these temptations try giving more attention to the confirmation of positivity in your marriage. Couples should be encouraged to reaffirm their love for each over and over again and in new ways. They have to try to merge their hearts into one!

It is also important to create a good bond within the family, children have the need to feel that their parents love each other. Who brings a child into the world, bears a great responsibility for his happiness. When parents have a fight, a child can feel the pain. A child’s happiness is not created by the number of presents, it’s created from love they feel of their parents. It is therefore important to create a bond within the family to create an atmosphere where the character of the children is able to flourish, because of the strong love reflected by the parents. When love is missing in a child’s upbringing it’s like the internet without an internet connection!

All your powers are necessary for your family life. You must open the door to happiness, so focus yourself on the ones you love. Openness to the individuality of the other and disinterested love, that’s a real marriage.  Channel that which opens the door to happiness and focus your energy on the ones you love.

Authored: Jori Verwegen