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It’s the small things…

A lily sometimes has more power than a bouquet. Sometimes a look says so much more than a French kiss.  And sometimes a touch is greater than an embrace.  Less is often more…  Here are a few simple ways to show hubby how much you love him.

1.       Instead of phoning your best friend and telling her about the silly thing you have done, phone his mother and tell her what a good father he is…

2.       Respect him when you visit and never belittle him with sarcasm, or roll your eyes when he tells an old joke.

3.       When he loses his humour again with a petrol assistant, don’t say: “You are so aggressive”. Men are very aware of their weaknesses, it’s not necessary that you remind him of them.

4.       Listen to his ‘footnotes’. If he mentions again that he’s a big ‘rolling stone’ fan, go and buy him a CD as a surprise.

5.       When you are snappy with him again as only a woman with PMS can be, apologise immediately and say: “It’s not you, I just feel bad.”

6.       Encourage his hobbies. Even if you can’t understand his love for his bike, say something like: “Wow, I like these tassels!”

7.       Don’t make jokes about his team! Even if his team keeps on losing, bite your tongue, and go and do your victory dance in the kitchen.

8.       If he really needs your help, leave what you are busy with and make him your top priority by going and helping him – by this you show him that at that moment he’s the most important thing to you.

9.       Don’t ever compare him with your friend’s husband that’s so capable in the kitchen (or bedroom!) When you do compare him, make sure it includes characters like Superman and The Incredible Hulk!

10.   Don’t let him feel guilty; he most likely has an active conscience. If you had forgotten your daughter’s netball match, you wouldn’t want to be constantly reminded of it.

11.   Listen to him. Yes, leave everything that you are busy with and don’t just listen with half an ear while you multi-task, but take his hand, look him in the eye and listen.

12.   Sing to him, even while you cook. Say: “Here is a song that makes me think of you”, and go for it. Even if you can’t hold a note, the idea will mean more to him than your singing talent (or the lack of it).

13.   Lie a bit longer in his arms on a Saturday morning. If you are normally the one to jump up and start to get things ready while he lies a bit longer, cuddle up next to him and lie a few minutes longer.

14.   Send him a SMS to say that you are thinking of him and that he is still as special to you as the day you met him.

15.   Surprise him one day by taking over one of his tasks. If he normally mows the lawn and you know he has had a difficult day, jump in behind the mower and do it yourself.

16.   Tell him what bible character he reminds you of and why (naturally it must be positive qualities that he exudes).

17.   For one night leave the dishes/toys/ironing and go and sit next to him on the couch with two glasses wine.

18.   Buy a bottle of champagne and make a toast to him at the breakfast table in front of the children, just to say what a wonderful person he is to you.

19.   Pray out loud for him and make the focus of your prayer saying thanks, but also ask God to stand by him, lift him and to protect him.

20.   Make his favourite childhood treat (unless it is his mother’s fudge, Rice Crispy biscuits or milkshake).

21.   Give him passionate, intimate oral sex without expecting anything in return.

22.   Take extra trouble with your appearance and if you know he likes red lipstick (even if you hate it), put it on before he comes home.

23.   Ask him if there’s anything special that you can do for him, and do it without a sigh!

24.   Ask his help – even when you don’t need it. Even if you know you could open the tomato sauce bottle with a wet cloth, ask him to do it for you.