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30 original ways of showing your husband you love him!


Lie close together, and read him Song of Songs!

Buy a photo frame with place for three photos, and frame your favourite photos of you when you were just going out, your wedding day and your favourite honeymoon pic.

Pray for your husband – out loud.

Buy satin bed linen.

Sleep without your pyjamas on!

Send him a hand-written letter in the post.

Write him a message on his car windscreen, or the bathroom mirror, using lipstick or a crayon.

Encourage him to enjoy a boys’ night out.

Write him a list of ten things you love about him – and leave it on his pillow.

Accept him unconditionally.

Wake him up in the middle of the night for sex!

While he is in the shower, put his towel in the tumble-dryer and surprise him with it!

It doesn’t matter how tired you are – have sex every day for a whole week!

Buy a stick-on tattoo (with gems stones!) and apply it in a strategic place!

‘Christen’ every room in the house (you know what we mean!)

Initiate a new position.

When you are both home alone, wear a t-shirt without a bra!

Wash his car in a white t-shirt – and chase him with the hose afterwards!

Write out verses and promises from the Bible around issues that he has been wondering about lately. Slip this into his Bible.

Write him a poem.

Swim together in the middle of the night… naked.

Make a ‘thankfulness’ bottle filled with reasons why you are thankful for your mate. When he needs an ego-boost, read one of them out loud!

‘Doodle’ his name on a notebook when you know he will see you doing this.

Write down some lines of your favourite song which describe perfectly your love for your mate – and give this to him.

Make a scrapbook of your life together with plane tickets, photos, postcards, etc.

Rub your noses together and give each other an ‘eyelash’ kiss!

Recognise and accept his friends – without moaning about them.

Pack a picnic basket with all his favourites, and feed him!

Learn to make his favourite meal from his childhood years.

When he does something special – let him know you notice!

Sources: Chocolate Kisses for Couples by Cindy Sigler Dagnan and 365 Ways to say I Love You compiled by Snapdragon Editorial Group