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Too short . . .

Whether you want to admit it or not, most men have a few questions regarding their favourite body part.

The mass media have done more than enough to make men insecure regarding their penis size. Things like the size of their hands, feet and nose are supposed to have a link to penis size. There is also the idea that penis size has an influence on power, masculinity and a better self-image. The fact that men have also been in contact with pornography, adds to their insecurity of: “Is mine big enough?”

To get the most accurate measurement of your penis size, it’s advised that you measure it at different times and on different days – like with different erections on different days. Then an average of these measurements must be worked out to make allowances for arousal levels, time of the day, room temperature and sexual activity.
The general consensus is that the average human penis is 12cm long and about 12,3cm during a full erection. Many men over-estimate the average penis size because they view their own penis from above and don’t see it in the correct circumstances. A study done by sexologists showed that most men who thought their penises were below average in size actually had average size penises.

Many men consider plastic surgery to lengthen and widen their penises when it’s not necessary at all! A 2005 Internet study among more than 52 000 men and women showed that 55% of the men in the study were satisfied with their penis size, while 85% of the women said they were very satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. Only 6% of the women felt their partner’s penis was smaller than the average size. The chances are good that your wife isn’t a size queen (slang for someone who prefers a larger than average penis on their life partner). In the same study 70% of women said they were unhappy with their breast size, while most men were satisfied with them and only 20% wished their partners had bigger breasts.

A study among 1 500 Psychology Today readers found that women considered the width of a penis more important than the length. Remember that your wife’s most sensitive areas are the vulva, clitoris and the outside ten centimetres of the vagina. Therefore most penises will be long enough to satisfy their partners. An adult penis with an erection shorter than 7cm is known as a micro penis. This condition affects less than 0,6% of all men.

So don’t worry any further about Junior – the chances are good that you are more of a Senior than you think and that your Senorita is more than happy with her portion!