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Intimacy4Us shook me awake!

On the 29th of February 2008 we got married. It was the nicest thing in the world for me to be able to talk about my ‘husband’ everyday. We were crazy over each other. We carried on like best friends, and at the same time we were crazy in love – until we both in a matter of two months lost our jobs and that while we had a new born baby to care for.

We continually fought over the same things, and threatened many times to get divorced. Until about two months ago I thought it was normal. Everyone goes through that, but after I read Intimacy’s article ‘When the red lights flash’ (Oct/Nov 2009); I realized that we were in big trouble.

My mother told me about the book first and I ignored it until she showed it to me and I read the article. It immediately grabbed me and pulled me back to reality. I decided there and then to work harder on my marriage and to make things happen. I could not wait for better days to come and decided to jump in myself. I can honestly say that things are not 100% better, but we are on our way there.

My husband doesn’t enjoy reading, and when I find an article that is suitable for us, I read it aloud to him before we go to sleep. Intiem has helped my husband and I to make many things right. I tell every newly married couple I come across about the book, and I have decided that from now on to give a subscription for Intiem as the wedding gift. I think it’s ideal, because it helps you with things that your mother only warned you against, but didn’t give you advice about.

-Rene, North west

Dear Rene, it’s wonderful that you have decided to take things into your own hands .Many blessings to you on your marriages path to healing.