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Time to Party

How much fun can you have with your clothes on? So much is the answer!

A new wave of in-home parties is taking SA by storm. You may never have considered purchasing intimacy aids let alone going to a party where the main focus is all things sexual! Welcome to a whole new era…what may have been seen as ‘dodgy’ a few years ago is now considered a great way to get in touch with your sexuality and amp up your sexual well being.

Thanks to the enormous popularity of literature like Fifty Shades of Grey we’re headed into a new era of sexual intimacy and awareness that’s long overdue.

Since coming to SA, from the USA, Pure Romance products have become the gold standard in the intimacy enhancements market. The in-home parties have been massively popular, as more and more ladies discover how much fun using the products can be and discussing sexual intimacy with women who are enlightened and have no qualms getting to the nitty gritty of sex.

A Pure Romance party isn’t just about sex toys, which may be intimidating or embarrassing if you come from a conservative background. The consultants that run the parties are super professional, what you can expect is to have, lots of fun with just the right amount of risqué innuendo, no tacky jokes or offensive language. The Pure Romance consultants are well trained, bringing helpful and interesting facts to light and explaining how empowering getting in touch with sexual intimacy can be. From the fun side to more serious matters, a wide spectrum of issues are discussed in a comfortable environment, it helps to realize that you are not alone in your desires, fears and preferences. A Pure Romance party is always enlightening and an added bonus is that you get a little something to spice up your sex life. Pure Romance Parties are a fun, thoughtful, and educational presentation of the most popular enhancement products in the warm, friendly atmosphere of your home.

Pure Romance is rapidly expanding nationwide, with consultants setting up party dates in all areas. To host a Pure Romance party you simply provide the guests and your home and the consultant will do the rest. Invite your girlfriends and tell them to bring a guest or two along. The more women at your party the more fun it will be. Simply supply the consultant with your guest list; she’ll do the rest from organizing the details to supplying the entertainment. The best part? As the hostess you can qualify to receive free gifts just for having the party. All information including orders is completely confidential. So if you’re in the mood for a night of giggles with the girls, make your next Girls’ Night one all your friends will wish they’d thought of!

For a party booking or more info visit or contact Pure Romance Head Office 011 465 3849.