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Beat the winter munchies the healthy way

We’ve all experienced an attack of the winter munchies, when the cold weather makes us want to head straight for the cookie jar. But if you’re living with diabetes, a fuel injection of processed carbs, sugars and fats is the last thing you want. So what’s the best way to beat the winter munchies with tasty comfort foods that won’t compromise your health?

“With a little planning, it’s very easy to prepare yummy winter foods that are healthy,” says Shelley Harris, PR Manager of global healthcare company, Novo Nordisk South Africa. “Food is a central part of our family and social lives, so it’s important for people on restricted diets not to feel deprived. This means preparing tasty foods with wholesome ingredients instead of leaping for unhealthy processed foods.”

In practice, this means using fresh, wholesome ingredients, and making classic winter fare using herbs, spices, seasonal fruits and veggies to add flavour. Cookery books and websites developed with a focus on eating balanced healthy meals offer a range of great recipes based on this principle - and they even include recipes for healthy cakes, desserts and snacks.

“One of my personal winter favourites is eggplant and tomato pasta,” says Harris. “It’s easy to make, is both warming and filling, and is a great comfort food for people living with diabetes. It’s a regular favourite in my household.”

And there’s no need to forego the sweet stuff either, because there are lots of ways to bring sweet tastes into the winter diet without logging up empty calories. One of the best ways in which to do this is to experiment with baked fruits. Baking brings out the natural sweetness in the fruit, and provides a delicious dessert without the need to add sugar.

A much-loved winter treat, for instance, is baked apples, and one can experiment with the basic recipe to add variety.

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