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Ways to help you quit smoking

Did you know? Smokers are significantly more likely to have erection problems than non-smokers. So here are ways to help you quit smoking...

  • Set a date in advance that you will stop – and tell all your friends, family and workmates so they can support you.
  • Do it with a friend or colleague. If someone else gives up with you, you will reinforce each other’s willpower; maybe you can persuade some of your workmates to give up at the same time.
  • Clear the house (and your car, and desk, and anywhere else you keep them) of all your smoking materials – not just cigarettes, but lighters and matches, rolling papers, ashtrays, etc.
  • Chew on a carrot – not just good for your health anyway (another of your five-a-day), but it will also give you something to do with your mouth and hands.
  • Ask your friends not to smoke around you (or at least pretend they’re not enjoying it) – people accept this far more readily nowadays than they used to.
  • Take things one day at a time, and mark your progress on a chart or calendar.
  • Keep all the money you’ve saved separately – and then treat yourself with it.
  • Make use of any prescription or non-prescription aids available (your pharmacist or GP can advise you on this); or maybe try alternative therapies like hypnotherapy or acupuncture.
  • Join a ‘stop-smoking’ support group for both professional advice and support from other people.

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