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“Kiss the calories goodbye” by Zama Mkosi

Spring has finally arrived and it’s funny how spring has a way of taking us back to ‘new beginnings’.

We find ourselves reviewing the year so far. The goals we’ve set for ourselves at the beginning of the year, how far are we, can anything still be done for us to make the 31 December 2010 deadline?

The one thing that certainly forces a reviewing of set goals is the experience of trying to fit into last year’s summer wardrobe! I was shocked when I came face to face with the consequences of all those hot chocolates and muffins one has been finding solace in during the winter months.

So, whether by choice or circumstance, healthy lifestyle goals are always the first to be reviewed; it is after all a mere few weeks to go before bikini season. One magazine writer said the following about exercise: “Exercise is something that starts off in a blaze of well-intentioned energy and then all too often disappears into thin air, often leaving some unwanted kilograms behind”. Think back to the 1st of January each year when we promise ourselves that this is the year where our lifestyles will surely be healthier than the previous year.

These words are true when it comes to marriage as well. Whether walking down the aisle or in a drive through wedding in Las Vegas, most of us start off with great intentions of a happy-ever-after for the remainder of the days of our lives.

I found myself looking back at the goals I’ve set for my marriage relationship this year. How am I doing?  Just when this whole review exercise was starting to be too depressing, I heard the following piece of ‘life changing’ information:  “Scientists have proven that you burn at least 12 calories for every passionate kiss lasting 20 seconds”.

Aha! I found my solution. In this age of multitasking and killing as many birds as you possibly can with one stone, I figured that if my husband and I kiss at least three times a day, I would burn at least half a blueberry muffin a day! Not a bad deal for doing something you enjoy.

It gets better as research also shows that couples that kiss more are likely to have a better than average sex life than those who don’t – HOORAY! I need not remind you that sex burns even more calories than kissing, so do your maths and join the new revolutionary weight loss programme.

So, watch this space. When you next spot me at Umhlanga Beach strutting my bikini, don’t complain that I never shared the recipe. It all starts with a kiss, one thing leads to another and next thing you know you are putting Beyonce’s body to shame.

This programme guarantees results for your body and your bedroom.

Well even if we don’t quite get to look anything like Beyonce, we would have had a lot more fun than most of the weight loss programmes I have ever come across.