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3 Tips to Make Marital Sex Better

Remember when you were first married? Everything was fresh and exciting, especially your sex life. After a while things cool down and you become more comfortable with each other. Sex becomes more comfortable as well. It is still pleasant but it is lacking the spark. So what can you do to bring the magic back into your marriage?

Spice It Up - Is your sex life in a rut? Do you find yourself doing the same things all the time? Maybe it is time to put some spice into your love life! Try new positions or new locations. Maybe book a night in a bed and breakfast that specializes in theme rooms. Just thinking about putting a little extra something into your love life can help you think of ways to spice it up. Try seducing each other with sexy lingerie and scented candles. Leave sensual notes for each other in random locations so they know you are thinking about them.   

Communicate - Do you really know your partners wants and desires? Maybe you think you are pleasing the other person, but you are really only pleasing yourself. Men and women want different things out of a relationship. For most men, the physical part of the relationship is the best. But for most women it is the emotional part of the relationship that is important to them. So how do you overcome this barrier and create a sex life that is great for both of you? Talk about it! Find out what your partner wants, how they want to be held, etc. If something is offensive to your partner, don't force the issue. Pushing for things you want to do but they don't is selfish. Don't be a selfish lover!

Make Love 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a Week - You sex life needs to extend beyond the bedroom. Now this doesn't mean you are having sex in every room of the house. But you are extending the foreplay and afterglow. Constantly touch each other in loving ways. A quick hug or a small caress shows you care about each other outside the bedroom. When you show love like this all day long, your time in the bedroom will be much more fulfilling.

Just because you have been together for a long time doesn't mean the excitement has to be gone from the relationship. You can bring it back and have a wonderful and fulfilling sex life. Just remember to show love throughout the day, talk about your needs, and spice up the bedroom when needed. You will have a great sex life if you do these things!

By Cecil Flynn
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