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Marriage Alive!

Bring out the creative person you are and splash some good old fashion fun back into your marriage! You can do these things right from home without breaking the pocketbook. Turn the TV off, play some of your favorite music and do some enjoyable things together for a change. Watch the relationship between you and your spouse get tighter!

  1. Play a board game instead of watching TV (scrabble, monopoly, Clue)
  2. Listen to some Jazz music, light some candles and talk about anything
  3. Have a romantic picnic
  4. Get on the floor together and do stretch exercises
  5. Take turns reading a book that you both like out loud, and then discuss what you read.
  6. Make your own home movie or music CD
  7. Create a personal web page together
  8. Cook a scrumptious meal together
  9. Buy a microphone and have your own karaoke
  10. Give each other a twenty minute massage, and take it from there

Here are a few more fun things you can do, if you have time, and money in the wallet.

  1. See a live play at the theater
  2. Go to the beach or mountains for the weekend or longer if permissible
  3. Take up a hobby together, such as sailing or photography
  4. Spend the night in a hotel. (Make sure they have a Jacuzzi)
  5. Take up roller skating or ice skating (fun way to keep those legs in shape)

Come on, don't let your marriage dry out!
If you feel like your marriage is heading into the doldrums and you can't get out of the rut, then its time to share more of your self with your spouse. Why wait for you to both get bored with the relationship? Play together!

Doing even simple things together can bring laughter and joy back into your conversations. Sharing pleasurable times together will not only bring you closer to your spouse, but will help you to remember who your spouse is.

Often times, because of busy schedules and different agendas, couples don't realize how easy it is to grow apart, until one day down the road they don't know each other anymore. Over the course of time, months or years, a growth process takes place, and you find that the person you married is changed because you have not grown together, but apart, and that's not good!

So turn off that TV, and get to know each other again through sharing of your self. Above all, while doing these things together, remember to always share the best part of your self with your spouse. What is the best part of your self? Find it, and share it.

There is no better gift of love that you can give your spouse than your willingness to accept them just the way they are.

Acceptance is love, and by showing open-mindedness, understanding and patience with your spouse, your marriage can endure through the hard-hitting times as well as the enjoyable.

By Angie Lewis
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