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4 Low Cost Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

For some people, planning a wedding anniversary can be tough and expensive. Hotel rooms, lots of flowers, and exotic dinners can come with a hefty price tag as well as a lot of stress. It doesn't have to be that way.

It's always important to remember that your wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate the years of love and devotion that you and your mate have shared. It's not always necessary to shower your spouse in expensive luxuries. The most memorable and valued anniversaries are those that are intimate and have deep meaning for your spouse and for yourself.

Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

1. Romantic Nightlife Picnic

Find a spot that has an amazing view. The top of a tall hill, cityscape or natural lake are all viable choices. The goal is to choose a scenic and beautiful backdrop for your late night adventure.

For picnic, make sure to pack foods and snacks that you know your spouse will love. This is an opportunity to show your significant other how well you know him or her. You also might want to stay away from heavier foods, such as fried foods, as this can create a sluggish feeling after eating. The goal of the picnic is to have an experience, not to gorge and fall asleep.

2. Home Cooked Candlelight Dinner

Simply preparing a romantic candlelight dinner at home can be an exciting experience, especially if your spouse is not used to you cooking. Create a meal that you know your spouse will enjoy and that has a bit of flare. This will go over a long way. You can also enhance the experience.

  • You can play romantic songs to enhance the mood
  • Prepare candles and dim the lights. It will be create a romantic glow.
  • You can fill the room with her favorite flowers.
  • On the dinner table, place scatter rose petals.

3. A Trip Down Memory Lane

Take your spouse on another "first date". Try recreating the first date. It's fun and romantic to relive the same experience through new eyes. Incorporate all the small details including where you went, what you ate, the car you drove, and then compare them to who you are now.

It's always exciting to see where you were as a couple before and compare that to where you are now.

4. Capture New Memories With A Romantic Photo Shoot

Spend some time searching for the right photographer for this one. You want these pictures to be sensual. Do this every few years and put into a special secret photo album for you and your spouse to enjoy for years to come.

By Jonathan H Archer

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