Naughty sex for good couples!

Do you like vanilla sex? The kind that is somewhat ‘safe’ and predictable? Well, the chances are good that safe and predictable will eventually become boring. Here are a few ideas for good couples. Start with the ‘tame’ ideas and work through them until number one!

10. Spelling 101
Let hubby lie on his tummy – without his T-shirt. Spell words on his back and ask him what you wrote. The better he becomes at guessing, the faster you can ‘write’ words that make it a lot harder for him. For every correct answer, you can ‘smack’ him lightly with a hairbrush . . . are you perhaps blushing right now?

9. Do you know what sexting is?
According to it is a modern version of a love letter. It’s a way of flirting with hubby and building anticipation for when you see each other. If this already makes you blush, start by innocently testing the waters first. Send an SMS that has a double meaning and see how he responds. In time, you can heat things up until you start taking naughty selfies and sending it to each other . . . we dare you!

8. Naughty discussions
For those in the know, it’s a fact that men like dirty talk. Get descriptive and even explicite and see what it does to his blood pressure.

7. Luscious literature
Read a juicy erotic short story. ‘Play’ the main characters, as if you are actors practising their dialogues. Things can quickly become hot and sexy!

6. Nobody may know . . .
Make a booking at a restaurant with long table cloths and surprise hubby with your hand under the table! Next, write-down your plans on a piece of paper or a serviette: “Meet you in three minutes in the women’s toilets. I will go so long.”

5. One step forward . . .
Lie on the bed in all your glory while hubby stands at the door. Test how well he knows you, by asking him sexy questions such as: “Which part of your body makes drives me crazy?” For every correct answer, he may take one step closer towards you. For every incorrect answer he has to take a step back. As soon as he reaches you, you can go ahead and jump each other!

4. Guessing games
Blindfold hubby. Yip, you heard correctly. If you don’t have such an ‘indecent’ item in your house, just use that satin scarf that was way overpriced! Now make use of a few sexy objects to tease him. Rub chocolate spread over his chest, roll your string of pearls between his thighs. Let him guess what you are using. He has to guess correctly before you bring-out the next magical item.

3. It’s time for a treasure hunt
Give him instructions: You can already start early in the morning and your instructions can for example include: “1. Send me one sexy photo as soon as you arrive at work. 2. Buy lube at the pharmacy. 3. When you arrive home, I will be waiting in the bedroom and you will take my underwear off with your teeth. 4. Don’t forget to bring along a candle and a block of ice to the bedroom . . .” (we challenge you to figure out for yourself what to do with this!)

2. Playing cards
Get a pack of playing cards ready. Hearts represent kisses, diamonds are equal to a massage, clover leaves imply mutual stimulation and flower cards mean oral sex. For example, if you draw the ten of flowers card, give him oral sex – for ten seconds!

1. Give him a show!
One that he will never forget! Yip, that means bye-bye inhibitions . . . As a result, you will need to wear a sexy little number. Keep a few props close-by (those string of pearls that you used earlier will come in very handy now) and touch his body in a sensual manner, while you imagine that it’s hubby’s hands doing all the talking. A man that gives you the chance to finish is a very strong guy!

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