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3 Days to the perfect anniversary - Day 3!

Many of us have ended up in the run-to-the-supermarket-and-buy-a-box-of-chocolates situation as a last effort to show that we didn’t forget. But in reality you know: You could just as well have left it.

DAY 3: Ready, set, go!
If it’s a work day you probably took leave and hubby is at work – which makes it much easier. If not, you need to get him out of the house so you can get to work. Pack the kids’ bags and everything they need for the sleep over.

Put in extra effort with your bedroom. There is a big chance that the evening will end up here (hopefully to do more than just sleep) so make sure the linens are fresh, there are pretty flower on the nightstand, there’s a pretty card on hubby’s pillow, and so forth.

Now it is time for the movie theatre. Move the furniture so you have a couch in front of the TV on which you can curl up next to each other and kiss in the ‘back row’. For a nice twist you can create a drive-in theatre in your garage.

Now for your venue – in the dining room or where ever you plan to have your meal. Do not exclude a picnic in the tree house or a prawn braai on the veranda as a possibility (it can be the most fashionable braai ever). The setting has to fit with your personality.

Last of all (but most important) is you. Remember, of all the parcels in the world you are the gift that he is most eager to open. So ensure that you are wearing his favourite perfume and prettiest set of underwear that you own. Make sure you nails are done and your hair looks fantastic. Now you can wrap it all in a sexy black (or red or pink) number.

The perfect anniversary is ultimately about the details. The above example is just an idea to get the creative juices flowing, by all means arrange what suits your schedule, finances and preferences. It does not have to be expensive, but if your evening has personality, hubby will be blown away. It is all you need – three days for an amazing event to celebrate the most beautiful day in your lives.