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A man’s secrets...

Almost every man has secrets that exist either between their girlfriend or wife. Talking about these secrets is something they’ll hardly never do because of the consequences they might have or they may regard it as risky for their relationship.

In every single relationship there will be a phase in which a man realizes the real truth behind certain feelings which are better off not being told. Men don’t feel like talking about these secrets because the fear of trouble in their relationship or even losing their loved one, some might not even want to acknowledge that they have secrets. Most secrets and white lies are normal and human. In some ways they might seem necessary to interact better on a social level.

A few secrets most men would not divulge:

1.       Men do look at all beautiful women

When the occasion arises where a woman or women crosses a man’s path, his eyes will follow her, his brain simply force him to do this. It doesn’t even matter if you are walking beside him or not, he’ll look anyway. In total he looks at other women 43 minutes per day, according to research. If you are in a crowded place, it’s most likely that he probably had a good look at all the beautiful women already, and that very low cleavage, he probably didn’t miss that as well. When you are around he probably tries to avoid his scanning radar, to avoid you noticing. Would that be bad? No not at all, when he is not looking it might be worse because either something is wrong with his eyes or his testosterone level is very low.

2.       Sometimes a man needs to get out

Does your man participate in some sort of sport because he really wants to work out? He says he does. Does he really have to do so much overtime on his job or does he just want it? Unfortunately it is true, men regularly like to leave the household at times. For a moment they don’t need a wife, children or all of the problems of taking care of a household. It sounds much more serious than it is. It just has to do with a built-in impulse men have towards freedom, space and time for themselves, not being restricted by rules and no worries about some situations. Be tranquil, after a little while he’ll be missing you, and it will be good for him to return home again.

3.       The vow, but not entirely

While women like their love being sealed an secured in eternal loyalty and for the better and the worse, in many men there is this little voice telling them something different. It is a by fear and testosterone driven voice which is relativistic and that voice doesn’t like the marital promise and finds it oppressive. On the sly it assumes that a man’s freedom and his urge to hunt doesn’t need to be restricted

4.       Making money gives him power

Many men may be in denial, deep in their hearts they find it of great importance to be the wage-earner in a household. It would be nice if the woman provides some money as well, but he needs to bring the big money in and therefor decides what car is being bought, for example. What is the nature of this male persuasion? Research shows it not about human instinct but more about cultural traditions. However, if a woman earns more for some men it may make them feel as though they have been defeated.

5.       He really likes to get your job done

It is a little push towards being a man: such as a helpless woman who asks her man to fix or mount something around the house. She might over emphasize her helplessness a little to win him over, but that’s her secret.  However some men like to mutter about doing getting some jobs, in the end they like being the problem solver. When the job is done, her compliment is more important to his soul than he will ever admit towards you.

6.        Men are adolescent

Why is it that neat men, loving fathers with a very respectable job, can out of the blue behave like a child?  This could be because of his careless freedom and days without responsibility. But unfortunately for them that time is over and choices have been made. In every man there is a child driven by hormones, refusing to grow up.

These are a few secrets most men would not divulge. There are some things that many men enjoy that they’ll never acknowledge to anyone, for fear of seeming soft. Hopefully you can keep the secrets of your man under control.

Authored: Jori Verwegen
Original article