DIY for your marriage

Here are some great DIY tips to put that spark back in your marriage!

For a man that can’t believe his luck . . .

Buy a big polystyrene board and decide on a theme. If he is going to open his surprise on Valentines Day, use a Valentines idea. If you are making a winter board, use your imagination in order to decorate it according to “winter”. Now make 16 holes – each one big enough so that the top edge of a polystyrene cup will firmly fit into the hole you made. Space it across four rows.

•    The top row is the “what” section (with different yet sexy date ideas).
•    Your second row is the “where” section (with interesting places where you can carry it out)
•    Your third row is the “when” section (with dates and times for the appointments).
•    Your fourth row is the “outfit” section (with your possible outfits. A cute idea is to take photos of yourself in sexy outfits and place a photo in each cup).

Cover the cups with foil or any other type of photo. Hubby can now choose one cup in each row, press a hole through it and remove his choice for a fun and naughty date!

Leave him with a fine!

Remove one of your old fines out of the drawer and go sit in front of your computer. Make it look as real and authentic as the original one. Jot down the date, time and “vehicle-information”. At the address, write down where your steaming session will take place (your own home address will also do).

Thereafter type in the “transgression” and identify it, for example, that he is distracting bystanders because of his sex appeal and therefore he is being fined. “Accuse” him of unproductivity because you cannot keep your eyes off of him . . . At the instructions section write down the “fine”. How can he “pay you back” though physical deeds? Be descriptive. Be romantic, fun and creative! Now place the "fine" on his windscreen without him seeing!

Create a secret message just for him . . .

Does hubby like the news? Get hold of the paper before he has a chance to read it. Search for a report or section that he would want to read – to ensure that he doesn’t miss your secret message! Use different coloured pencils and encircle certain letters within the text to create words to form your own message. Each new word can be a different colour.

Make a special diary

Start a couple’s diary of appreciation wherein you and your hubby write something each day that you are both grateful for and what you appreciate about each other. Reading each other’s entries will make you smile and on top of that, in a few years, when your faces are covered with wrinkles and your hands are full of old-age blemishes, reading the diary together again will be more precious than any other experience . . .

Give him a chocolate with meaning!

Make him a special tag or label that matches the name of a type of chocolate. Tie the tag to the chocolate. It will mean so much more than just giving him a meaningless piece of chocolate. Here are a few ideas:
•    When he goes through a difficult time, give him a packet of Rolo’s and write: “Life can be hard. Hope this helps you ROLO with the punches!”
•    To say thank-you, give him a packet of M&M’s and write: “M&M (many and many) thanks for all you do!”
•    After a very nice get together, give him a Snickers bar and write: “Thanks for all the fun and SNICKERS. I had a great time!”