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Always up for some fun!

Is hubby a sports fanatic? There’s no need for you to sit and sulk in the corner when he is glued to the TV. Here’s how you can compete with his favourite team and also achieve touchdown.

In a recent study, Durex, the condom manufacturer, found that 40% of men will pass on sex to watch an important game. Who would’ve thought! But before you consider hiding the remote control or cutting the TV’s wire, why not combine sex and sport? Then hubby has no need to choose between the one or the other. What will you get out of it? You will earn several points in hubby’s book and will be the leader for the entire season!

Dress for sex-cess

You know the story: Men are visually stimulated. And now you have tough competition! Get his attention by getting in touch with your cheerleader persona – boots and all. Purchase a sexy outfit for yourself – take it one step further and go do some research on what his team’s cheerleaders wear and look for something similar. Or, for example, wear his team’s rugby jersey without anything else on. Ensure he is aware of your, uhm, lack of clothing. But you don’t really want to go and do somersaults in front of the TV, (otherwise you may just be chased away), but luckily somebody must bend over or lean over to pass along the snacks or cold-drink . . .

The road to a man’s heart and libido!

On the topic of snacks, be clever and chose something that is good for his libido. Avoid the usual potato snacks and biltong – all those carbohydrates and salt could have the opposite effect and actually suppress his desire as opposed to enhancing it. And no, you don’t have to spend any time in front of the stove. The following is very healthy and can be prepared in a jiffy:

Watermelon slices: Nature’s Viagra, watermelon helps to enhance blood flow to the sexual organs.
Peanuts: This is the ideal booster for hubby. It helps to relax the blood vessels to simplify an erection.
Nuts and seeds: Especially pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which serves as a stimulant for both men and women.
Asparagus: For years it has been known as an aphrodisiac – for good reason. Serve it with unsweetened yoghurt or any healthy dipping sauce.
Dark chocolate: For the feeling of love. Research has shown that women that enjoy a piece of this chocolate every single day, have a more active sex life than those that don’t have it.

Reward Games

Create a build-up of sexual tension. Every time hubby’s team (or opponents) score points or lose a ruling, hubby can be rewarded. By the way, it is your choice of outfit that can lead to interesting and creative things. You are welcome to try the following:

Kisses for points: If his team is rewarded, you can decide where you must kiss him. If the opponent is rewarded, you decide how and where hubby must kiss you. But don’t stick to kisses alone. Raise the stakes and replace kisses with touching and stroking on different body parts.

Clothes for points: This is strip poker – in a sporty manner. Get rid of one item of clothing every time his team gains points.

Be the serving dish: Get even more from those snacks than just stimulation. For example, place a piece of watermelon between your breasts and let hubby “dive” it out. Or place a peanut in your belly button and let him remove it by using his tongue.

A quickie during half-time

You don’t need to wait until the game is over in order to score. But you will have to be quick – you just have ten minutes! Follow these tips to score within this time-limit:

• Intensive foreplay is out – therefore it’s a good idea to make use of a lubricant.

• Get everything that you need (condoms, towels) ready beforehand so that you can just grab it and get going.

• Decide what you want to do before that half-time whistle blows. Oral sex is usually the quickest and toys such as vibrators can also help to speed things along.

• Also decide where you want to do it. Just jump in the shower with half of your clothes on – wet clothes can look and feel very sexy and it will spare time!

• Dirty talk works like a bomb, because it is naughty and very exciting! Tell your partner how much you want him and how good he makes you feel.

During half-time you can always use it to tease hubby for post-game sex. In that case, stimulate him for ten minutes long, but don’t allow him to reach climax. There is a good chance that he will show more interest in you than in the second half of the game!

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