10 Romantic ideas with . . . a Sweetie Pie

 The divine red-coated marshmallow chocolate with a biscuit base has a romantic connotation and, after disappearing from our shelves for a while, they are once again available – this time in a suitable red foil packaging! Here is what you can do with them . . .

1. Hold a Sweetie Pie competition. Everyone has their own way of eating a Sweetie Pie. Maybe you bite through the chocolate first, then lick the whipped marshmallow filling and lastly, eat the biscuit. Or maybe you prefer a complete bite of everything at once (biscuit, filling and chocolate all in one go). Buy an entire box of these tasty choccies and see who can find the most interesting ways of feasting on a Sweetie Pie.

2. Keep it simple. Buy hubby a Sweetie Pie. Use every letter in the word “Sweetie Pie” to explain to him how much he means to you. Write it down and pack it to work for him. Big surprise!

3. Make a Sweetie Pie bra. Buy two Sweetie Pies and a red piece of ribbon made from satin. Carefully cut the base of the biscuits off so that just the marshmallow part with and the chocolate coating is left behind. Now use the sticky base to your advantage and “stick” the two Sweetie Pies like a stikini onto your breasts. If they aren’t firmly in place, use the red ribbon and tie it around your body and around the Sweetie Pies. Hubby can open his gift and devour every bit of his surprise . . .

4. Surprise him with a Sweetie Pie on his pillow. But he must quickly realise that this Sweetie Pie has added benefits! Beforehand, carefully open the wrapping at the bottom and write a letter wherein you describe in great detail exactly what kind of naughty ideas you have in mind for him. Hide the letter away for him to find when he wants to enjoy his rather “innocent” sweet!

5. For a very sweet play on oral sex, break the biscuit part off the Sweetie Pie once again and place Junior in the marshmallow part (don’t laugh, because it will look like a soldier with a war helmet on!). Now you can enjoy with great pleasure and at the same time make hubby’s toes curl!

6. Spoil your husband on his birthday with extra special cupcakes. Bake a dozen vanilla cupcakes and decorate it with chocolate icing sugar. Now take 12 Sweetie Pies and take them out of their wrapping. Stick one Sweetie Pie onto each cupcake. Make “flags” with toothpicks which you can push into each Sweetie Pie and write on each “flag”: You are my Sweetie Pie!”

7. Have fun and do as the residents of Montreal do. Here Sweetie Pies are known as Whippets and a Whippet is eaten in a very special manner – the marshmallow part (the top) is pressed onto your forehead to break the hard chocolate coating before taking your first bite. You can kiss the mess off of each other’s foreheads!

8. Have fun in the kitchen by making your own Sweetie Pies. Put your apron’s on and get to work. You can find recipes at the following two links:

9. If you are way too lazy for the above, get hold of the following: A packet of tennis biscuits, a block of chocolate and a packet of marshmallows. Melt the chocolate over a slow heat in the microwave or over a pot of boiling water. Now braai the marshmallows in a fireplace, dip it into the melted chocolate, and thereafter in the crumbed biscuits and feed it to each other! (You can also keep the biscuits whole and place the dipped marshmallows between two biscuits, like a cookie.)

10. Do a striptease for hubby, but use a Sweetie Pie as a prop. Take off almost all of your clothing and as soon as he thinks the torture is over, sit seductively on his chair. Remove the Sweetie Pie from its packaging and start eating seductively while maintaining eye contact. We cannot guarantee that your husband won’t make an end to you performance right there and then!

Article by Annelize Steyn