5 Romantic ideas with . . . a camera!

A camera is a must-have item in most households – especially if you have children. And if you don’t have a camera, your cell phone probably does. Use it as a romantic (and sometimes sexy) tool for your marriage. 

1. Go on a camera date. Choose an interesting park or location that you have always wanted to see and explore it with your cameras. The idea is to capture the entire day in photos from your different points of view. You can then edit the photos together and create a slide show for your shared memories.
2. Take a naughty picture of yourself. Play dress-up when your husband isn’t home. Ask yourself: “What will make his temperature rise?” Does he want to see you in a nurse outfit? Is it a wet T-shirt competition with you as a contestant? Take a picture and write on it: “Just a taste of what is waiting for you tonight.” Just make double sure that you send it to the right contact.
3. Recreate one of your first photos together. Have a look at the very first photo that was taken of the two of you together. Maybe it’s from 1992 while you were still in University. If you can’t remember what clothes you had on, look at photos of that time and try to recreate the era and your hair with the help of old clothes and wigs. Go back to where the photo was taken, have a picnic and recreate the photo. You can frame the old and new photo next to each other . . . a reminder of how far you have come.
4. Another naughty photo. Call your husband and tell him that you are standing in a fitting room and can’t decide in what outfit you look the best. He has to help you choose – you will send a photo. Take a photo of yourself in a pretty dress and send it to him. Then take one in just your underwear and send that. And lastly – if you have the guts – one in nothing at all.
5. Be a model for a day. Convert your room into a studio. Drape plain material against one wall and get props like a chair, a feather boa, a pillow, etc. Give the camera to your husband and play the model. You can choose how much clothes you wear and you can decide before hand how silly or sexy you want to shoot to be.

Article by Annelize Steyn