5 EXTRA Romantic ideas with . . . a camera!

A camera is a must-have item in most households – especially if you have children. And if you don’t have a camera, your cell phone probably does. Use it as a romantic (and sometimes sexy) tool for your marriage.

1. Capture what makes you proud. Every woman has certain things that make her proud and love her husband. Show it to your husband with the help of photos. Maybe he made a pretty nightstand for you. Maybe he is brilliant with putting the children to bed. Maybe he walks around with a hole in his shoe to put money away for the kids. Take a photo of the nightstand, of him with a kid on his shoulder, of his shoe (if you both know why there is a hole), have it printed and put it in an envelope with the words: “This is why I love you so much . . .”
2 Play a guessing game. Plan a romantic evening and send hubby hints in the form of photos. If you are planning a romantic meal with dessert in the bedroom you can send his photos of the store (where you are buying the ingredients). Take a photo of yourself in your apron. Then send him a photo of the underwear you will be wearing. And a box of matches (this can have many meanings) and lastly send him a photo of your pillow. He’ll get the idea.
3 Shout it out. Take a photo of hubby where he is laughing and post it on Facebook. Write as a description: “This is what the sexiest man on two legs looks like.”
4 Take a kissing road trip. This is where you take a road trip somewhere (like Pelgrimsrest) for the day and you regularly get out to take a scenic photo with you two kissing on the foreground. Obviously you will have to know how your camera’s self-timer works. See how many of these kissing photos you can take in one day.
5 Make a doccie. If you have a teenager that is not completely too cool for this ask him/her to help with a “day-in-the-life-of-project”. Choose a Saturday when he/she can document your relationship. He/she must capture moments between you (when you’re preferably not even aware of it). When you drink coffee together, when you lie in each other’s arms and watch TV, when you sit at the dinner table and talk. As they say: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Article by Annelize Steyn