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How to listen to her

Yes, we know that you sometimes think we go on and on about something and you get bored most of the time with the details we find important, but remember: It means the world to a woman if you really listen. You don’t have any idea how?

This is how it’s done:

Be there for her. Most of the time our mind wonders, but switch off the television and focus. Give her your undivided attention – it’s more difficult than you think, especially when there’s a nice song on the radio.

You must talk to your wife every day. Take the time to communicate with her. You don’t have to say much, just ask a question every now and again. Let her do most of the talking.

Don’t have selective hearing or switch off when she starts chatting about her hair.

Repeat her main ideas. This way she knows that you have really been listening and paying attention to what she says. Get excited with her and show emotion.

eep your mouth shut. Maybe she is sharing her day with you, but she can’t do it if you keep on interrupting her! Keep quiet and allow her to speak.

Be impartial when you listen. You don’t have to agree, the aim is to understand.

Remember that she talks in a roundabout way and you must read between the lines. If she says: “I’m so tired of making coffee every morning,” it actually means: “Won’t you make coffee every now and again?”

If you listen better, you will be able to make better decisions, long before it gets out of control. Women mention something, after which they begin to nag and then they get very angry. If you can pick up the problem at “mention” or even before she mentions it, you will be saved a lot of drama.

To listen is one of the most important aspects of a successful relationship. To recognise other people’s needs, is impossible if you don’t know them.

Don’t ever belittle her. Don’t tell her that she has a distorted view of things or that you know better. The idea is to have a pleasant conversation with her, with the aim of opening doors in the relationship.

If you have to disagree with her, disagree. Do it in a respectful way by being fair and ensuring that both parties are heard. As soon as the conversation is over, don’t try to get in the last word!;