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How to buy your wife underwear

Many men have never spoilt the woman in their life with sexy underwear because the buying experience is just too terrifying. Who doesn’t know the typical joke about the man who doesn’t know his wife’s size and tries to describe it using the shop’s citrus arrangement, or by pointing to the nearest woman and saying, “Um, about that big.”

The very first thing you need to find out is her underwear size.

If you’d like to surprise her, look at the little tag next to the clasp on her bras. It will list a number, and a letter. The number indicates the circumference of her chest, and will typically say 32, 34, 36… The letter represents the size of her breasts, and will usually be an A, B, C, D or DD. If you decide to purchase something on the spur of the moment, remember the following tongue in cheek equation, as seen on A = lemon (not the form, the size), B = orange, C = grapefruit and D = melon. But there are smaller and bigger sizes than this! It is important to know her size because most underwear shops will not let you return underwear. Panties usually come in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large. If you wonder if your wife wears a medium, or a large – rather purchase a medium because if she is a medium, and you buy her a large, you may cause irreparable damage!

Now for her figure type. And yes, yet again there is fruit involved! A pear-shaped body means that your wife has small breasts, and that her upper body is noticeably smaller than her lower body. Choose something that flows over her hips, such as a babydoll. If your wife has a sporty build, choose something that will complement her personality. An hourglass figure can wear any type of underwear, but don’t forget about her personality. If you have never seen her in a bra that exposes half her nipples, she probably won’t enjoy receiving such an item. If you are very open-minded when it comes to sexy underwear, and you know that she is a little more conservative, choose something conventional. If she is a sexy biker or rocker-chick, don’t buy ice cream pink lace underwear.

Remember, you do not need to spend a fortune, but don’t buy the cheapest underwear you can find either – cheap underwear doesn’t look good, and she will know it was cheap. If your budget is limited, purchase a very pretty pair of pants. If you’re feeling adventurous, pick out a garter, spiky heels, jewellery… the list is endless – and it all depends on how many points you want to score!

Another good tip is to buy a pretty gift box – the kind that’s available at most gift shops. Fold the underwear lightly in tissue paper, and add some extras like perfume or chocolate. Wrap a big ribbon around the box, and have it delivered to her.

Another few hints:

  • Avoid buying the same old thing. If she already has seven babydolls, maybe she would appreciate a corset.
  • Make sure that she will feel comfortable in the underwear. You need to know what body parts she feels self-conscious about, and make sure that you do not buy underwear that emphasises these.
  • Remember that sexy underwear is not only available in satin and lace. Even cotton can be very sexy.
  • Underwear is most flattering when it is the right size. It mustn’t be too tight. If you are in doubt, buy something that is adjustable.
  • Bigger women like additional support. If your wife wears a D size, or bigger, make sure the chest area of an item or bra that you buy offers additional support.
  • Don’t give up too easily and spend your money on something that you are not sure about. There are many different underwear shops. Find out where they are, and don’t buy the first thing that you see.
  • Enjoy it and don’t feel intimidated. Shop assistants deal with men on a daily basis. If you are unsure, ask questions and try not to look uncomfortable.