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Get in touch with your feminine side!

Every man has a sensitive side. Some of ours are just more dormant than others. The truth is: To be a healthy, balanced man, you have to pay some attention to your feminine side. Here is how . . .

The woman is regarded as the fairer sex, but that is because God made the woman more beautiful or is it because the woman spends more time in front of the mirror?

There is nothing dainty about a man who focuses on his own appearance. The idea that a man has to be rough and tough to be considered a manly man, is no longer the generally accepted stereotype. But a beauty routine is not something that comes naturally to most men. So here are a few tips to help you get in touch with the physical side of your beauty:

  1. Basic hygiene – Brush your teeth EVERY morning and evening, shave, use deodorant, shower or bath once a day, and wear clean clothes every day. (And to sniff yesterday’s underwear to see whether you can wear it again, doesn’t qualify as wearing clean clothes!)
  2. ManiPedi – No, it’s not the name of a Bond girl. It’s just to take care of your hands and feet. Keep your nails short and clip them often (don’t bite or tear them off), and every now and then rub some hand cream onto them so that it doesn’t feel like sandpaper to your wife when you touch her.

Of course it's not a women’s physical beauty alone that makes her so attractive, it's also her inner beauty. In other words, her emotional side. It may have worked for previous generation’s men to behave like unemotional beasts, but today’s women expect more of their men. They long for a man who is not scared to show his emotions. (And we're not talking about rage here!)

Here are a few (other) emotions that you can proudly share with your wife:

  1. Happiness – We would like to believe that most men are still happy with their choice of marriage partner. If that is the case then we must share our joy and happiness more often with our wives. “Love, I am so glad you are mine.” Or: “Darling, my heart sings of joy because you enrich my life.” Or if you are new at this: “Susan (name of wife), I am satisfied.”
  2. Fear – Unless your name is Clark Kent, it is safe to assume that you are indeed scared of something. Often we try to come across as being so strong that we are overwhelmed by fear and stress. Be man enough and talk with your wife about the things that scare you. Share your emotional fears with your wife. “Love, I am scared that I will lose my job and then won’t be able to provide for us.” Or: “My darling, I am scared that I am not enough for you.” Or if you are new at this: “Susan (name of wife), I am worried.”
  3. Sad – This is the emotion that most men try to hide or suppress. Because this emotion often results in tears. And we are all taught from a young age: Men don’t cry! One of the shortest verses in the Bible is John 11:35: “Jesus wept.” Because with tears words aren’t necessary. If you are new at this: Go and cut an onion!

Article written by Timothy Kieswetter