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8 innovative sex-positions

There is nothing wrong with good old-fashioned sex, but sometimes you have a destructive urge to completely misuse each other’s bodies. Intimacy4us introduces eight brand new sex-positions. Most of them are relatively safe, as far as we know, legal. So act like a helicopter – or hang on a branch!

  1. Let the love of your life lie on her back with a pillow underneath her head and her legs in the air. She has to bend her knees backward so that her knees are close to her face. Stand in front of her on your hands and knees, facing away from her, and shuffle backwards until your lower body is directly above her lower body, so that you can penetrate her by simply lowering your hips. The main advantage of this position is that you have absolute controll over the tempo. It’s also enjoyable for women because the man’s penis rubs against the clitoris with this position.
  2. Sometimes it’s enough to slightly adjust a well-known position. Here is a simple variation to the missionary-position: Turn yourself sideways, instead of laying so that you can look each other in the eyes (in other words your bodies have to form a ‘plus’-sign). For some extra fun, you can use your hands to turn yourself around like helicopter blades. Just don’t get drunk/dizzy.
  3. This position is for the tough guys. Let your wife lay down on the bedroom or lounge floor, kneel in front of her, grab her legs, let them rest on your shoulders en stand up slowly. Penetrate her while, for all practical reasons, she stands on her hands. Your wife will be on an immediate high because of the bloodflow to her head. Just be careful that she doesn’t hurt her neck and make sure that all the doors to the room are locked: There is no way that you will be able to explain what you’re busy with when one of the kids walk in without a suspicion.
  4. Spoon with your wife, just like on a cold winter morning. Drape her upper leg over your own leg. The fact that her thighs are spread, will let her feel extremely sexy while it will enable you to penetrate her deeply. You’ll also have easy access to her clitoris. Women find this position to be very intimate and naughty. Don’t be surprised when she decides to rest her leg on yours in the morning.
  5. This position will allow your wife decide the depth and angle of penetration, as well as the friction and pressure that she will experience. Lie flat on your back with your legs bent and wait until she decends on you like a snowflake and stands on her knees, with one leg next to your hip and the other between your legs – and with your penis inside her. This one will let her scream with delight and all you have to do is to lie there and enjoy.
  6. If you’re both tired of the old ‘doggy’-style, try this one for some variation: Let her kneel on the edge of the bed – with her hands flat on the floor then just penetrate her as usual. You can even take it further: She stands on the floor and bends forward with her hands (once again) flat on the floor and her butt in the air so that you can penetrate her. This position feels very “natural”, the man will feel completely in controll and she will enjoy it because deeper penetration can be experienced than with any other position. The only bad thing about this position is that it can feel a little “impersonal” because you can’t look into each other’s eyes and you won’t be able to feel her breath against your face and neck, but it’s still worth the effort.
  7. This one is lots of fun, as well as great exercise for your arm muscles! Your wife literally stands on her head with her back against the bed or livingroom couch. Her hands is flat on the floor on either side of her head to balance herself.. Now you take in your position. Straighten yourself and support your upper body with your hands on the floor, just like you do when you get ready to do some push-ups, but let your feet rest on the bed (not on the floor) and your body should be positioned between her legs. Position youself so that your erection will hover directly abover her ‘pleasure zone’. Penetrate her as soon as she’s ready and just enjoy yourselves! The secret is to not move your hips like during ‘regular’ sex, but to do push-ups so that your whole body moves up and down.
  8. Scientists recently succeded in uncovering the mating rituals of the Scandinavian fighting monkey. The info is published in a scientific journal and became quite popular among residents of New York, now Perth and various European cities. It will also probably save a few marriages soon. To act like monkeys: Take off your clothes, go stand under a tree, hit your chest with your fists (like Tarzan), jump high into the air and grab on tight to the nearest branch. Your wife will instinctively walk around the tree a few times. Should she decide that you are good enough to mate with, she will join you on the branch (sy may use a ladder). There you will hang, facing each other. The trick is to throw your legs around her hips and pull her closer to you, while she tries to kick you away from her. If you succeed in ‘catching’ her, instinct will kick in and a desperate struggle will follow. The idea is to continue hanging on to the branch until the task at hand has been completed. Or until the branch breaks. (For those of you who don’t have high garden walls: The showercurtain rails should also work.)... ;)

Written by JB Roux
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