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Flirting tips for husbands!

Here are 16 ways to get her thinking about sex!

1.    Look at her
. . . with ‘come to bed’ eyes. Just like Brad Pitt at a camera.

2.    Touch her
In the meantime stroke her cheek or leg. Women love being touched.

3.    Play ‘footsie-footsie’ under the diningroom table
Just take your shoes off first.

4.    Bare chested!
It’s not just men who swoon when they see a naked chest. She also does – especially when you chop wood without a shirt or work on your car. (Ignore if you have a boep.)

5.    Smile
Stare at her with a naughty grin, just long enough to make her suspect that you have dirty thoughts.

6.    Play footsie-footsie in bed
There are few things a woman enjoys more than when her husband’s feet entangles her feet. Morning sex guaranteed!

7.    Blink at her.
Do it when she least expects it. It will make her feel unbelievably sexy.

8.    SMS her a smiley face at work
The smallest things will make her heart melt.

9.    Surprise her
Women love gifts, such as chocolate or a red rose on her pillow. The key word is subtlety: One rose or one block of chocolate is more effective than an entire bouquet or a big box of sweets.

10.    Say something nice.
Compliment her on her (for example) new hairstyle. Once again: Do it by the by, otherwise she may smell a rat, so to speak.

11.    Be jealous
Minimise it to an astonished frown when she opens the door for the postman or says something about Schalk Burger’s upper arms. It's still a sure-fire way to make her feel sexy.

12. Flirt with food
Place a slice of cheesecake or lamb chop in front of her. The relationship between the food and sex has been repeatedly proven.

13.    Be stupid
It can’t be difficult. Fill in a crossword puzzle or Sudoku halfway through and then ask her to help you. A ‘dumb’ man is a joy on its own.

14.    Cry about something
Shed a tear while watching a sad movie. Women are crazy about men that are in touch with their feminine side.

15.    “Eat worms”
Feel sorry for yourself because the Springboks lost (or something like it) and refuse to talk. Many woman can handle the quietness and will do anything they can to get you chatting again . . .

16.    Replace a globe
A diligent spouse is as sexy as a fireman climbing down the ladder with a puppy in his harms.