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3 Tips to show her that you’re a metro-man

Here are a couple of hints you can use to show her that she is more to you than just a pretty face and body . . .

1. Ask her opinion
Do you maybe have a difficult situation at work? Ask your wife’s perspective on the matter. Ask her advice on how to handle it. She will probably give you options you didn’t even think about.

2. Dream together
Get yourselves a black and white board for your room or study. Use it to dream together. Write, for example, three options about where you can go on your next date. Write down short-term goals. Dreaming together creates heaps of excitement and helps to remind you of what you still want to do as a couple.

3. Pray for each other
One can so easily become entangled in your own work and problems that you can sometimes neglect and forget your partner’s needs. Ask your wife if there is something you can pray with her for.

You will be surprised at what in interest in your wife’s activities can do for your marri. It will definitely require a bit of effort, but you will understand each other better. When the intellectual attraction between you increases, the fir of love might become a massive blaze. Forget the fire brigade; it is what you want after all . . .

Article by Annelize Steyn